AAP Inc.  


Aircraft Operations Studies

AAP has developed an aircraft activity counter using a wireless infrared camera system designed for capturing aircraft operations at non-towered airports.  The AAP Cam™ consists of a remote unit located at each runway end and a PC base station located in the airport manager’s office.  Every time an aircraft departs or lands, the AAP Cam™ takes a picture and automatically transmits it wirelessly as an email to the AAP Airport Planning Team. 

To ensure a high quality of activity observation, the AAP Cams™ are left on the airfield to collect data for period of 12-18 months.  At the end of the observation period, the airport operations are tallied and organized into categories such as the number of engines, type of aircraft (piston, turbine, jet, or helicopter), and the time of day.

The AAP Cam™ not only provides an accurate count of total operations, but also provides detailed information about those operations. 

With this technique of counting operations, it is possible to differentiate between itinerant and local operations, day and night, and specific types of aircraft (via the aircraft’s tail number).

See the draft report below as an example of this product.

  • Accurate aircraft activity counter
  • Detailed information about operations
  • Gathers data from each runway end


  • Motion Activated
  • Infrared Light for Night Operations
  • Records Date, Time, and Temperature for each Operation
  • Water Proof
  • Operates down to -32˚F and up to 120˚F
  • Wirelessly sends data to Base Station and Airport Planning Team


  • Reliable airport operations data for:
    • Local Airport Master Planning Studies
    • State System Planning Studies
    • Local & State Aviation Economic Impact Studies
    • Runway Length Justifications for FAA and State Funding
    • Accurate Noise Studies