AAP Inc.  




  1. Aircraft Operations Studies
    AAP Inc. specializes in providing Aircraft Operations Studies at Non-Towered Airports. Estimating the General Aviation activity at airports without air traffic control towers has always been a challenging prospect. The FAA Airport Master Record (FAA Form 5010) shows the annual activity as reported by the Airport Manager. Unfortunately, these numbers have historically been the “best guess” of the Airport Manager. AAP has developed an aircraft activity counter using a wireless infrared camera system designed for capturing aircraft operations. To ensure a high quality of activity observation, the AAP Cams™ are left on the airfield to collect data for period of 12-18 months. The AAP Cam™ not only provides an accurate count of total operations, but also provides detailed information about those operations. With this technique of counting operations, it is possible to differentiate between itinerant and local operations, day and night, and specific types of aircraft (via the aircraft’s tail number)..
  2. Airport Master Plans
    An Airport Master Plan is a study used to determine the long-term development plans for an airport.
  3. Airport Noise Studies
    A large-scale statistical analysis of the health effects of aircraft noise in the vicinity of an airport.
  4. Airport Environmental Assessments
    Helps airports implement the National Environmental Policy Act and other environmental laws
  5. Independent Fee Analysis
    An IFE provides a 3rd party review and cost analysis of negotiated fees of airport consultant's selected
  6. Expert Witness Services
    Provide specialized (scientific, technical or other) opinion about evidence or about facts before the court within the expert's area of expertise, referred to as an "expert opinion"